Sell Home Free - Home Selling made EZ.  Sell Home For Sale By Owner Free (FSBO) with No Commission.  You can also use either the Realtor $299-$499 Flat Fee MLS or the List Home Free MLS* Full Service Realtor Listing to Minimize Realtor Commissions.
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 Flat Fee MLS Option

Since 1999 our Nationwide Network of Flat Fee MLS Brokers List Homes in the Realtors MLS for $299-$499 and there is No Hidden Listing Commission !
With the FLAT FEE MLS option, you list your home in the Realtor's MLS for a REAL Flat Listing Fee of just $299 to $499 instead of paying a listing commission.  Prices vary by geographic area, we offer the BEST DEAL in each area NOT the same price nationwide.  Select your State in the box to the left then click GO to confirm coverage for your county and you can also review the specific price and terms for your area.
This is the same Realtor's MLS other Brokers charge a 6% commission to list your home in.  Why pay about half of that commission to the Listing Broker when the Listing Agents generally sell their own listings about 5% of the time (there have been a LOT of statistical studied done on this issue)?
With the FLAT FEE MLS option, you offer Buyers Agents a contingent commission paid at closing if they find the buyer (normally 2 to 3%).
With the FLAT FEE MLS option, there is No Hidden Listing Commission!  Your Listing Broker does NOT keep any of the contingent Buyers Agent commission you offer for themselves like other services offering what they call a flat fee service do.
With the FLAT FEE MLS option, you keep the Option to sell your home yourself and avoid paying that Buyers Agent commission.
The Broker providing your service will complete submission of your MLS listing in just one to two business days after your order is completed. 
With the FLAT FEE MLS option, you can order online in Minutes or print the forms to fax/mail in.  There is No Waiting for a SALESMAN to call to tell you what the Real Deal is, NO SALESMAN will call you to try and sell you something else.
Your Order Confirmation includes the contact information for the Licensed Real Estate Broker serving your area which will be providing your listing service so you can contact them directly and a link to complete that Realtors MLS Listing Forms Immediately (which we have reviewed to make sure they meet our NO GIMMICK GUIDLELINES). 
You can also Click Here to Advertise your home for sale by owner on some polular websites FREE.  You can also order a Yard Sign, Flyer Holder, Virtual Tour, or Lock Box when you rech the order page.

The Details about This Hybrid Marketing Method

This alternative is sometimes called a Realtor Flat Fee MLS Listing Service.  The property owner literally pursues both methods of marketing through the Realtors MLS and FSBO simultaneously.

Any owner interested in this approach should fully research and understand the differences in the Realtors duties and responsibilities with differernt "Agency Relationships" and consider getting an attorney to review your sales contracts with any of these Buyer Agents before you sign them (having an attorney lined up to review your sales contract, or better yet to prepare one for you in advance, is a good idea anyway for all non-real estate professionals).  A form called "Information About Brokerage Services" is published by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) and is available to download or view at  and this form has some information about these "Buyers Agent" Realtors.  These rules about Agency and their consequences will vary considerably from state to state, the Texas TREC form is one general example of the nature of these rules.  Be sure to determine how these issues affect your rights and obligations in your specific state.

One problem with this Flat Fee MLS marketing method is finding a LOCAL Flat Fee Realtor that will do it.  Most Realtors will not consider this type of an arrangement.  We offer these Realtor Flat Fee MLS Listing Package Deals in coordination with FSBO Friendly Local Realtors all around the country in order to combine the benefits of this new marketing method with the normal FSBO marketing strategy.  The result is a Powerful Marketing Plan which offers sellers a Lot of Flexibility at a fraction of the cost of most Discount Realtor Listing services.

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